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Data Logging Service (DLS)

The Data Logging Service (DLS) is a data logging system for EtherLab, that is capable of collecting, compressing and storing high-frequency realtime data. The goal is, to allow the user unlimited and performant access to the stored data. A signal overview over a year is retrieved as fast as a tiny signal fluctuation, that happened in a fraction of a second.

The FLTK GUIs (dls_ctl and dls_view) are only available in German. The newer Qt-based dlsgui supports German and English.

Repository Access

The Mercurial repository of the DLS is hosted on SourceForge. The following command can be used to clone the repository in order to get the latest revisions:

hg clone dls-hg

The repository can also be browsed online.

File Downloads

Binary packages for Linux can be downloaded from Open Build Service.

Release Date
Version 1.4.0-rc2 (current) 2017-03-09
Version 1.4.0-rc1 2016-06-09
Version 1.3.1 2014-01-10
Version 1.3.0 2013-12-10
Version 1.2.5 2012-02-22
Version 1.2.4 2012-02-07
Version 1.1, Revision 160 2007-09-17
Version 1.0, Revision 110 2007-08-13