ec_fsm Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Finite state machine of an EtherCAT master.

Definition at line 57 of file fsm.h.

Data Fields

 master the FSM runs on
 slave the FSM runs on
ec_datagram_t datagram
 datagram used in the state machine
void(* master_state )(ec_fsm_t *)
 master state function
unsigned int master_slaves_responding
 number of responding slaves
ec_slave_state_t master_slave_states
 states of responding slaves
unsigned int master_validation
 non-zero, if validation to do
void(* slave_state )(ec_fsm_t *)
 slave state function
void(* sii_state )(ec_fsm_t *)
 SII state function.
uint16_t sii_offset
 input: offset in SII
unsigned int sii_mode
 SII reading done by APRD (0) or NPRD (1).
uint8_t sii_value [4]
 raw SII value (32bit)
cycles_t sii_start
 sii start
void(* change_state )(ec_fsm_t *)
 slave state change state function
ec_slave_state_t change_new
 input: new state
unsigned long change_jiffies
 change timer
void(* coe_state )(ec_fsm_t *)
 CoE state function.
 input/output: SDO data object
cycles_t coe_start
 CoE timestamp.

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